Monday, January 08, 2007

"Lord, HELP...we have a TWEENager!"

"Lord, it seems like only a year or two since I held this tiny one-hour old grandbaby in my arms and prayed you would bless her in a special way and prosper her and use her in a mighty way to do your will. And now look at her!"

Our Hannah is a TWEEN-ager!

I must be getting old too cause I just can't write this without my eyes tearing a bit.

To be honest we started celebrating right after Christmas... that means more presents! One good thing about getting older, clothes and jewelry are no longer boring gifts... lol.

I picked out this "12" Angel... it's a little unusual... but hey, papa looks out for the

Happy Birthday, HANNAH "B"...



NOW... if you are new to Papa John's Place, before you go, there are more grandchildren to celebrate...

Joshua David... my main man... looks like he might be a radio guy someday... (looks like Josh would fit right in on our morning show)

Josh will be our next "TWEENager" in a year or so... I know Josh... that was also my reaction when I suddenly realized I was getting old... but that's ok...LOL.

Audrie Michelle..."my belle"... never met a stranger. she gets that from her dad and her Grandma Judy...

And our newest arrival... she was born in the "Build-A-Bear" bearternity ward... we were there at the miraculous moment when she was stuffed, fluffed, and clothed in a matter of moments! She hasn't begun to talk yet but any day now!

So whether you are regular to pj's place or a newcomer you are now up-to-date on the grandchildren!

Thanks for letting me be a little indulgent... if you'd like to know more, Grandma Judy and I would be glad to come over and show you all our thousands of pictures and tell you a lot of long stories... just let us know. LOL.

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