Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spelling Dilemma...

Kurt asked me if the word "DILEM_A" had one "m" or two... I told him it actually had a "m" and an "n"... I thought it was "d-i-l-e-m-n-a" and the "n" is silent like in "autumn"...

"But to be sure, let's look it up in the dictionary..." says me...

"D-I-L-E-M-M-A" says the dictionary! Must be a misprint!

I suddenly felt like I had ... in a moment of time... been thrust into the "TWILIGHT ZONE!"

This just can't be...

GOOGLE...please come to my rescue... I know I was taught to spell this word with an "n" and not two "m's"!

Yes... over 20,000 pages with the word "dilemna" (spelled with an "n"!) But unfortunately

no page would say that it was a legitimate spelling for the word!

But could 20,00 of us Googlers have been mispelling this word for all these years????????

Part of a whole generation (including ME) has been mispelling the word "DILEMMA" !!!!!

"No matter how you cut it... papajohn... you are in a dilemon"

(thanks Colton...I think you're right again, buddy) LOL.

Email me if you can tell me the origin of this mispelling... is it just me?

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