Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tami in trouble?

You've probably noticed lately that Tami has been a little hard on me in her blog. I don't want to be unkind here but I sometimes thinks she just sits around thinking about not-so-kind things to blog about me.(LOL)

I really haven't been defending myself but I knew sooner or later Wally would referee and set Tami straight on blogging etiquette for fellow bloggers. So to be honest I was a little excited when I saw Wally with his serious (not itsy bitsy spider) look on his face call Tami into his office.

I tried to lean up against the door and catch the drift of the conversation but Tami caught me and waved me away.

I couldn't wait to hear my name come up but it never did!

I did hear Wally compliment Tami for having a goodly supply of cleaning supplies stored under her desk...BUT

"Tami... you need to put those supplies to good use! and here to motivate you a little is a PROVERBS 32 T-shirt..."

So... Tami came out with a mild reprimand...a new T-shirt... and wally put his itsy-bitsy spider face back on. I was left to return to refuge in my blogger world...

BUT that's ok...a lot of interesting folk live here. think you could get me one of those t-shirts to give to Ms.Tiley?

"Tickle-me-Elvis" blog coming before Christmas...promise! pj

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