Sunday, September 17, 2006

Life Comes at You Fast... stop and reflect .

The last week or so has brought all kinds of things our way...that's just the way life is.

We're Losing one

Just a few days back at Camp Hanes at a family outing for WBFJ staff Bev told me the news she was leving WBFJ to go fulltime school, family, and whatever ministry she was led to in beetween. Bev is responsible for many of the crazy pictures that show up in my in the space suit and all the others... She once morphed a picture of me and Albert Einstein...LOL. We'll miss her though we feel she'll never venture too far away from us.

911 Five Years After

Then there was 911 revisited. It was still hard to look back at all the pictures and video but it did happen and we still live in a dangerous world. It is good to remind ourselves we are not to be too involved in this world system as it is not our final home. There will always be conflict and danger till Christ comes again. Still emotional to think about.

Had a Hard Time with THIS one

Early this past week...the two little White brothers from Danbury were found and laid to rest. I know children have a special place in God's heart but things like this are just emotionally hard for me to deal with. I know the brothers are in God's presence but I think about all the grief and loss of the parents, grandparents and others around them. I really had a hard time talking about it when I first heard the news they were found dead. I passed by the Am control room and I could tell Eric was also bummed out with the news.

Look What God is Doing!

Friday was a very special day...Bonnie, Bev, Tami, Kurt and I from the station joined a few hundred pastors and others for a pastor appreciation luncheon with a "spotlight" on the work of Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministry. Rodney Stillwell has been at the forefront of this ministry for several years and is still "pumped up".... It's good to be reminded about what the Lord is doing in others places of life. I sometimes forget just how big and how needy the world really is... and what a great work God is doing.

And then Tony Spoke!

Stu Epperson, Sr. then introduced the speaker for the afternoon...Dr. Tony Evans. I can't begin to tell you all that Dr. Evans said but it was powerful. In less than an hour he covered the Angelic conflict in heaven and the results of it here on earth, the mission of the church to build the kingdom and not our own little version of it, race relations and everything in between. I just wanted to go to a corner in private and weep.

Thanks G.C.

Golden Corral provided the lunch and it was great as usual. I just want to commend Dave Griswold and all the folks at Golden Corral for being so willing to support community efforts.(And thanks for underwriting the WBFJ Office Party Luncheon at Golden Corral every Friday.)

Friday Surprise!

Friday, I was on the air talking traffic as usual and at about four thirty our "College Girl" from Gardner-Webb University surprised us with her first visit back to WBFJ. It was a pleasant surprise and was I pleased to get a good report from her. Steph was our faithful intern at WBFJ and is still part of the family. I think living in Decker Hall (did they name this after Wally's grandpa or what?)at GWU has been good for her!

Monday what's next?

So another week starts in a few hours...

might be a little hectic

Maybe a little overwhelming

even a little surprising...


God is so good

I know it will be good week!

PS. welcome back to Verne (on vacation all last week) and Wally who took a little business trip to Nashville Thursday and Friday).

And welcome back my friend Paula who is back at home now with Brandi and Taylor!

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