Friday, February 15, 2008

Santus Real Hanes Mall Winston-Salem: Great concert B-U-T...

There were a few...uh... "I S S U E S"

#1-A Chris from Sanctus Real:

"Wally, what's with all these old pictures of us
you've been passing around!
Come on man! Makes us look like the Brady Bunch!

#1-B Chris:
"and Wally... DO YOU REALLY expect me to do your "Itsy-Bitsy-Spider" routine on stage in front of all these fans?!"(see my last year blogs for details of Wally's IBS thingy)

(Verne: "I'm going shopping if you do!")

#2Mark from Sanctus Real:

"Cinnabon ok for a preconcert snack but...

we were hoping for a dozen or two Krispy Creme doughnuts before we leave Winston-Salem!"

#3 Confused (Anyomous) Fan:
"I love these cool Coke bathroom scales
but I just don't get it!
Like where is that little window thingy
where you read your weight???"

#4 Kurt:

"Great Concert....

but it's hard to enjoy it

with a headless woman and 'a giant Steven Curtis Chapman' looking over my shoulder!"

#5 Bonnie (WBFJ Volunteer Coordinator):

"Great concert...but

So many peoeple...Can't find my husband or my pocketbook!"

#6 Fred C:

"Wonderful concert but...

Hard to enjoy it standing beside a man carrying an Agner Bag!"

#7 Ron H:

"Loved the concert but...

"Hard to pay attention with a guy

incessantly trying to photograph your bag!

#8 Daysi (fan):

"Loved the concert but...

Would have been better

if Wally had let me and my Compact Gucci Fender Bag Guitar

on stage to electrify the crowd!"

#9 Kendra (another fan):

"Nice concert but...

would've sounded better if you would have let me actually PLUG this thing IN!

Woulda been rockin' dude!"

# 10 Brent and Brittany (more fans):

"Great concert... but hard to pay attention with Uncle Fred telling all those stories about the cool stuff he has dug out of the dumpster!"

#11 Unknown Concert Attendee (friend of #3 "Confused Fan"):

"Like wow man...Great concert but I just couldn't focus...
it was like a big distraction dude when

right in the middle of the concert that giant Gotham City

spider web thingy suddenly appeared on the ceiling!

It like freaked me out BATMAN!"

#12 Wally:

"Now we're sunk....

NO CD's sales at the Merchandise Table...the ATM is down!"

(Don't worry Wally... WBFJ listeners do carry a little cash occasionally!)

#13 Verne Hill:

"Concert not loud enough...but what I heard sounded good down at J Jill, JC Penny and Radio Shack!"

# 14 Shaun (Time Warner):

"outstanding concert but...

next time can you make at 1:14 during my lunch so Ican actually be there?

#15 Papa John:

"Not really a complaint...just basically in the dark the whole time

(for what it's worth)....but good!"

And finally:

One small


(Really was a Great our best Mall Concerts ever! NO COMPLAINTS! LOL...Who's coming next? Stay tuned!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

America's Most Famous Sheriff Hangs with Papa John...

Even more famous than Gerald Hege!
The one and only!
The only problem, WOODY...
Papa falls out at 11!!!!
"Just make your self at home..."

You are on your own!

Just let yourself out when you're through...

and as you always say...

"You're my favorite Deputy!"

See you later "pard-ner!"