Friday, February 15, 2008

Santus Real Hanes Mall Winston-Salem: Great concert B-U-T...

There were a few...uh... "I S S U E S"

#1-A Chris from Sanctus Real:

"Wally, what's with all these old pictures of us
you've been passing around!
Come on man! Makes us look like the Brady Bunch!

#1-B Chris:
"and Wally... DO YOU REALLY expect me to do your "Itsy-Bitsy-Spider" routine on stage in front of all these fans?!"(see my last year blogs for details of Wally's IBS thingy)

(Verne: "I'm going shopping if you do!")

#2Mark from Sanctus Real:

"Cinnabon ok for a preconcert snack but...

we were hoping for a dozen or two Krispy Creme doughnuts before we leave Winston-Salem!"

#3 Confused (Anyomous) Fan:
"I love these cool Coke bathroom scales
but I just don't get it!
Like where is that little window thingy
where you read your weight???"

#4 Kurt:

"Great Concert....

but it's hard to enjoy it

with a headless woman and 'a giant Steven Curtis Chapman' looking over my shoulder!"

#5 Bonnie (WBFJ Volunteer Coordinator):

"Great concert...but

So many peoeple...Can't find my husband or my pocketbook!"

#6 Fred C:

"Wonderful concert but...

Hard to enjoy it standing beside a man carrying an Agner Bag!"

#7 Ron H:

"Loved the concert but...

"Hard to pay attention with a guy

incessantly trying to photograph your bag!

#8 Daysi (fan):

"Loved the concert but...

Would have been better

if Wally had let me and my Compact Gucci Fender Bag Guitar

on stage to electrify the crowd!"

#9 Kendra (another fan):

"Nice concert but...

would've sounded better if you would have let me actually PLUG this thing IN!

Woulda been rockin' dude!"

# 10 Brent and Brittany (more fans):

"Great concert... but hard to pay attention with Uncle Fred telling all those stories about the cool stuff he has dug out of the dumpster!"

#11 Unknown Concert Attendee (friend of #3 "Confused Fan"):

"Like wow man...Great concert but I just couldn't focus...
it was like a big distraction dude when

right in the middle of the concert that giant Gotham City

spider web thingy suddenly appeared on the ceiling!

It like freaked me out BATMAN!"

#12 Wally:

"Now we're sunk....

NO CD's sales at the Merchandise Table...the ATM is down!"

(Don't worry Wally... WBFJ listeners do carry a little cash occasionally!)

#13 Verne Hill:

"Concert not loud enough...but what I heard sounded good down at J Jill, JC Penny and Radio Shack!"

# 14 Shaun (Time Warner):

"outstanding concert but...

next time can you make at 1:14 during my lunch so Ican actually be there?

#15 Papa John:

"Not really a complaint...just basically in the dark the whole time

(for what it's worth)....but good!"

And finally:

One small


(Really was a Great our best Mall Concerts ever! NO COMPLAINTS! LOL...Who's coming next? Stay tuned!)

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