Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We don't do halloween ...

and we don't
believe in werewolves
and all that stuff...
the boss
is looking
a little
pale today...
and his
has changed.

Ooooohhh...on second thought,
this change started years
ago when he was
much younger as demonstrated
by this fuzzy but younger
archived picture.

(note: this blog is a limited time only...I'm sure I'll be busted by sundown)

Monday, October 30, 2006

To BOO or NOT to BOO... that is the question

Gave the grandkids
the camera to
pass around
and take a few pictures
while we
were out shopping.

Josh did a boo.

a boo.

For Audrie
it was definitely
an extreme
almost a

For grandma...
it was
your average
NO Boo
(but cool)


Things livened up as they always do when we wheeled into our favorite shopping strip...Big Lots, a thrift store, and a great dollar store all in the same area.

Small boo boo...
"you ran over my toe"...
"did not"...
"DID TOO"...
"it wasn't on purpose"...
"was too"....
"I'm gonna tell"...

(totally revived by shopping)
had a great idea...
"PAPA, let's buy this
for the nice lady
on your blog...
it matches her hat"

Great idea, Audrie...
that was sweet!

As you can tell we love our grandchildren...and I wanna tell you...they can shop!

Friday, October 27, 2006

BIRTHDAY Awareness Month...tami's party

Like most birthday parties this one started with an invitation....posted in the break room at wbfj...up on the cabinet door where most everyone over 5 feet could see it...yeh, Verne saw it with no problem.

like most
wbfj gatherings...
everyone arrived...
everyone ordered...

a lot!

Wally then broke the ice with his litttle "Itsy Bitsy Spider" routine that has proved to be so popular at WBFJ parties...
That really got Tami going...out of the blue she started playfully pointing to the little restaurant order card saying "I am 17....I am 17...ha ha ha..."
and then reaching into her sleeve pulling out more of the little cards, Tami exclaimed "I can be ANY age I want to be... T-O-W-A-N-D-A !!!!
(as in "FRIED GREEN TOMATOES"...remember?)
Wally apparently with his bad ear toward Tami leaned over to Bonnie and asked "Who is Wanda? I tought her friend was Regina... and why is she yelling?"

Well, Bonnie flat lost it! She laughed so hard her blouse turned from green to pink...just amazing!

went on
for a few
more rounds
The biggest HOOT of the whole party came after Tami's husband Alton arrived. Helping Alton order, Tami trying to convince him she had left her teeth at home just pointed at the menu and mumbled. It was really convincing...it even fooled Verne.
Don't think Alton bought it, though.

Happy Birthday Tami...a lot more happened but these were the things I remembered.



As in all "they-lived-happily-everafter" stories the final scene is over a cup of joe. So it is with this yarn. Being the helpful soul that I am I did mention to the manager that one of these "TARBUCKS" would probably do even better in Chapel Hill. He looked a little puzzled but I think he took it ok... could be he just wasn't a CAROLINA TARHEEL fan.

there was
one other
FINAL stop
for a few
of the crew...
on the way out.

"Juan, NO...
put the heater back...
let's leave that
for our
other guests!"

THE END..................................................................(is near!)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


It was supposed to be a tour of the EMBASSY SUITES Downtown Winston-Salem (home of the WBFJ LOVE HANDLES Romantic Getaway) but in true staff style we got side-tracked....well, LOST. We were supposed to be heading for the Pool room first but N-o-o-o ... Deac "SKYWALKER" had to take the "skywalk". Thanks, Deac!!!

After touring the parking deck
and the roof
for an undisclosed
amout of time,
we finally
made our way
to the Pool room.

Bonnie kept
"but where
are the tables...
and the Cues?

Things went down hall from there... Tami wondering what Wally was looking at in the Fitness Room wasn't watching what she was doing and walked right into the wall.

Thankfully, Cindy our newest
family member
did the lady thing
(the men wouldn't do it)
and asked for directions...
and was able to get us
to "ground zero"
for a real tour.

This place is SUITES...
if you win the WBFJ
Love Handles
Romantic Getaway
you're going to love
this place!

You'll LOVE
the view...
ask for the room
overlooking Jerusalem.

Stay tuned... for Scene III
we may have to head to
Chapel Hill
"Tarheel Country"...
we'll see!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Scene 1..."Anatomy of a wbfj staff meeting/field trip

Everyone arrives...

Everyone orders and eats...

(Tami demands right to
a sealed ballot menu...
Liberal or Conservative?
We'll never know.)

Everyone eats... more.

cut that strawberry
into 12 pieces!"
Meeting called to order.

Wally leads
in a chorus of
"Itsy Bitsy Spider..."
Then a round of musical chairs

"Darren....you lose!"
(Dana...breaks out in a chorus of
"I'll Fly Away and gets real happy"
Finished up with a round of MONOPLY...
Tami kept shouting she had passed "GO"
and kept trying to get her $200
from the ATM... (She also tried to check her email
but instead of JUNO acount...it kept saying VISA.
Times up! Meeting over...
everyone into the elevator!


Monday, October 23, 2006

juan..."what's with the "BARBIE" on your bus, man?

Yeh... that's my WEBER Barbecue Grill strapped to the back of my MIGHTY MAX pickup truck. Here in the South "FOOD" comes at you fast and you gotta be ready to go with it!
One small regret.
I do wish I had
reminder for Saturday...
would have saved me
a little grief.

Note: if you spot my
barbie top on 52
please give me a buzz.
If you find one
on I-40, call Tami...
that's her hub cap you found and
not a real barbie top.

BLOG malled...MALL blogged...Aaron Shust...lotsa people...lotsa praise

Hanes Mall Winston-Salem was alive Saturday afternoon with the music of Aaron Shust and all God's Chillin'.

To afford equal time I include a couple of tv folk who didn't make it to the concert for one reason or another.


GROUCHo MARX... he was out of the area Saturday... ACTUALLY, he passed out of the area several years ago if you know what I mean.

(black and white)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Bev's FINAL QUAKE hits the GARDEN ... survivors!!!

Bev's last day
and final request...
lunch at the Olive Garden.
BEV and Jerry...
we'll miss you
but we still believe
the best is yet
to come...

If you were walking into Olive Garden Friday at lunch and looked through the window you probably thought we were having aftershocks from the quake last week... we were laughing so hard the chandiier was swinging and the table...

Well...the table... was tilting to the left into Verne's lap. Till this day I can't figure that one out unless it's that HILL BLESSING that Verne posseses... everything comes his way. RECKON?

Jerry thanks for sharing Bev with us and thanks for your insight...you are so cool. BUT JERRY... you can be upfront with the napkins...the Garden doesn't mind if you get out with a couple of extras.

Bless you two!