Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"DEAL or NO DEAL"...banker's identity revealed!

Ever wonder about the "banker"
on the popular NBC program "DEAL or NO DEAL"?

Who is that mysterious shadowy guy
behind the darkened window?

Papajohn's Place goes undercover
and behind the glass...

to reveal the true identity of this
intriguing figure... what-u-think... Real Deal...or NO Real Deal?


Monday, November 27, 2006

Cyber Monday at BFJ... I must be dreaming!

As I rushed into our Monday staff meeting, late as usual, I noticed Deke squeezed in between Bonnie and Cindy. Wally was layed back in his Lazyboy boss chair and was reading a note from one of our listeners. It was real sweet but the way it read, one might guess that Ginny must have gotten hold of a bad turkey this year if you know what I mean.

I noticed Deke was clutching his Gameboy a little harder than usual and his eyes started getting a little "buggy"... AND THEN...

Deke hit the "fire" button, the Gameboy made a loud S-W-I-S-H Z-I-N-G and suddenly Mother Hubbard appeared!

Darren all pumped up..."Bet you can't do that again!"

DEKE: "Can Too!"

Darren: "W-O-W ! ! ! !"

Darren: "One more time..."

Let it go might show up! LOL

"goodnight blogosphere"....

Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Happy Thanksgiving"... I'm So Thankful...

Thankful for God's unconditional love...
and all HIS promises... they are fresh and
new every morning...

For my wife Judy and all our family and their conditional love...
The Father had a great idea when HE put
us in families. Grandchildren high on the

For all my my buddy Josh here...signing to "Amazing Love"
and his family and hundreds of others who have shown so much love...

For all those C-R-A-Z-Y people in my wbfj family, past and present that are so loving and willing to give of themselves to others...

AND for You...whichever group you fall into... LOL.

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving spread, I hope you too will stop and realize just how blessed you are.

(Thanks to Judy and Karen for letting me use their pic of their "Daughter of the King" spread from a recent church Hospitality Meal).

It's been a busy month and it's good just to lay the mike down and then lay the body down for a little r and r. I hope you get your share of horizontal time in your Lazyboy... Happy Thanksgiving!

(PS...while you're here...check out the blogs... and come back soon!)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tami in trouble?

You've probably noticed lately that Tami has been a little hard on me in her blog. I don't want to be unkind here but I sometimes thinks she just sits around thinking about not-so-kind things to blog about me.(LOL)

I really haven't been defending myself but I knew sooner or later Wally would referee and set Tami straight on blogging etiquette for fellow bloggers. So to be honest I was a little excited when I saw Wally with his serious (not itsy bitsy spider) look on his face call Tami into his office.

I tried to lean up against the door and catch the drift of the conversation but Tami caught me and waved me away.

I couldn't wait to hear my name come up but it never did!

I did hear Wally compliment Tami for having a goodly supply of cleaning supplies stored under her desk...BUT

"Tami... you need to put those supplies to good use! and here to motivate you a little is a PROVERBS 32 T-shirt..."

So... Tami came out with a mild reprimand...a new T-shirt... and wally put his itsy-bitsy spider face back on. I was left to return to refuge in my blogger world...

BUT that's ok...a lot of interesting folk live here. think you could get me one of those t-shirts to give to Ms.Tiley?

"Tickle-me-Elvis" blog coming before Christmas...promise! pj

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Papa Gump" meets "Tile Lady"...

To make a long story short...

we were down east
to celebrate Mema's birthday. I needed to come back home
and work...Judy wanted to stay longer with Mema.

So I volunteered to take
the train home and leave her the car
to return Wednesday at her leisure.

No problem...I did this once before.
I kinda like meet a lot
of interesting people.
Though to be honest...
I usually just keep to myself. LOL.

While I
was getting
my tickets
and shuttle
to make sure
was in order...

Judy was
out "mingling"...

I didn't
pay much
to who
she was
talking to
but she seemed
to be enjoying

no problem.

My train was due anytime now so Judy gave me a kiss and a hug and drove back to MEMA'S.

Waiting for my train, I looked over to the adjoining bench and eyed that nice lady Judy had been talking to. I wonder what she and Judy talked about? Gotta ask...but what can I say to put her at ease.

"Mam...I really love your it a Jenny reminds me of my shower walls"...

(no response... She must have taken it all wrong. So I tried again...)

"Mam...Is that real Texas AGNER Armadilla? I bet it's easy to keep clean...ketchup and french fries probably just roll right off, right?"

(This woman seemed downright cold...but I couldn't give up until I found out what she and Judy talked about.)

Totally frustrated, I decided to do it Forest Gump style... squeezing my Clover Cola I nudged a little closer and got right in her face and asked...

" ev-er sur-uf the-uh net?...

(a little smile appeared)...

"Uh, you-ou ev-er heard-ud of Ver-une Hil-il?"

(little smile)...trying to take it to the next level, I pulled the Forrest Gump line...

"Life is like a box of never?"...

I was interrupted by loud talking...

I was so into all this I didn't realize a crowd was gathering... I looked up and they began ragging on me about harassing this nice old lady...

"but I was just trying to be friendly and find out what she and my wife talked about..but..."



was I
to see
a coming!
(Like Newsong say...
Don't eat
no chicken
just get on board!

that's how
I met my
new friend.
She was cool.
ambient temperature even.
(i think she liked me ok
in spite of all that happened)

Just remember...papa john's place is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get...(count on a nut every now and then...LOL.)

STILL TO COME: "Tickle-Me-Elvis" doll and more...

Monday, November 20, 2006

I couldn't believe..."IT"!

This past weekend marked
the beginning of MEMA's birthday week
so Judy and I
scurried down early Saturday
to help her celebrate.

MEMA bought herself a new car
for her birthday... she actually
got it a few weeks ago...
you can do that
when you buy your own presents!

That thing has duelies!
...CHROMED to the max!

MEMA was already "Rocking"...
now she "Rolling!"

Nice "ride" MEMA!

Anyway... back to the story...
MEMA wanted us
to go with her
to the Methodist church...
They were having a big Barbeque Supper (Eastern NC style) with Brunswick Stew, Boiled Potatoes, and all the fixin's. Then they were going to have an auction to pay off the building debt.

We wanted to see
how much MEMA's vases
earned for the church
so we stayed for
the whole thing...
About half way through
the auction
I noticed
MEMA was starting
to scratch
her arm a little.

I didn't think much about that until Judy said her head was itching like crazy. I had to discreetly scratch her head for her because she was scared she might accidently bid on something she didn't want. if you've been to an auction you know how it is.

Next morning I went outside to pet "Big Red"...
(MEMA's dog she took in for company.)
Red was scratching like crazy!
AND THEN... it dawned on me...
"IT" has come EAST...

While MEMA was scolding "Red" for staying out too late and sending him to bed early I decided to sneak a peak into his crib.



I can't figure
all this out but
somehow I know
it's linked
to Darren's
Buy "IT" now thing
on ebay

Somebody better come clean on this one... The bloggosphere has about had enough of "IT"

(BLOGGER NOTE: Back down a few blogs to find out how "IT" all began in Boiling Springs, NC.)

(BLOGGER Preview: Blogs Coming Soon...
Just in time for Christmas..."MEMA's Tickle-me-Elvis Doll" and other friends...
my exclusive interview with "Tile Lady" and my adventure on AMTRACK...
PLUS pictures of the wbfj studio makeover... stay tuned!)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

SONY PS3...a line of things to come?

I saw where die hard gamers were waiting in line for the new SONY PS3 so I decided to drive by and catch a few shots for my blog...inquiring minds want to know.

These folk got it bad!

As my eyes started scanning the crowd I was even feeling a little sorry for the gamers waiting in line because there's only a few available at each store... But down deep I was thinking, "nobody I know would put themselves through all this for a $600 game..."

I can't believe THIS

And then my jaw dropped... when I saw who was waiting.


Darren I can figure...he wants to get a PS3 and sell it on ebay. BUT WD...just can't figure that one!

(And that was a little bold guys to bring your own bench...

Darren better watch out for WD...he'll distract you with that OPIE Mayberry smile and his little "Itsy Bitsy Spider" thing and jump line... BETTER WATCH HIM...only 20 PS3's available!)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Tamiflu"..."Rumfelt Replaced"...what's going on in the morning news department?

Somethings brewing...there seems to be an "EXTREME Extraction" going on!

What used to be Tami's desk is now... something else. I must be in the TWILIGHT ZONE!

What is poor Tami going to do when she comes back and sees all this... they're even linking her to the latest flu strain... she definitely needs "Friends" so please email her an encouraging word.

OOH...this is getting more scary by the minute!

No...Tami you need to write the Attorney General... you have been hoo-dood!

Never mind... We've got "Scarborough Country" (msnbc) on it... Your saintly buddy Bonnie Tsunami with an i is being interviewed right now... but looks like Joe is ragging on poor Bonnie Tsu... "Come on Joe... this has nothing to do with Tami's dilema"! Those media people!

Monday, November 13, 2006

I couldn't believe my eyes! Bonnie and Tami in a mini-semi !

I was floored! On my way into work this morning, this Mini-SEMI passed me and you won't believe who was in there! I could be wrong, but it looked like Bonnie driving and Tami riding "shotgun". They are supposed to be on a cruiseship with the wbfj family of listeners.
I thought
I must be dreaming
so I got a little
closer to the truck
and I couldn't believe
my eyes...
Bonnie written allover that truck!

I think Bonnie
has been
holding out
on us...
I knew she
liked plants
and all....BUT THIS!
Which makes one wonder...if Bonnie and Tami were in that truck...who is really on that cruise ship!

In Tami's absence, poor Verne had to bring in the family to help with the morning show. I want to tell you...come Wednesday... that Bonnie and Tami have some "splanin" to do! LOL.