Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MY Friend Steve Hill and I were reminiscing about Dr Corts and then Steve emailed me this he received from Mark's son, Jon Corts. I thought it was great and Steve thought it would be ok for me to share it.

Dear Friend:

This evening, shortly before 7PM, my beloved father passed away. He loved life and lived it to its fullest. He loved God and served him wholeheartedly. He loved his wife, children, and grandchildren with heart and soul. He dedicated his life to the people of Calvary Baptist Church, and knew each of the 6,000+ members by name.

He and my mom fought valiantly against a debilitating series of physical setbacks over the past 15 years, and they both faced each day with faith, hope, and courage. My dad was the eternal optimist; even this evening when death knocked at the door, when my brother asked dad about the pain (which had been severe for the past 24 hours), dad answered 'Minutely better.' And my dad never gave up. He was able to hear my oldest sister's voice via cell phone as she desperately tried to travel home, acknowledged her twice with a grunt, then breathed his last breath only seconds later.

He was a great man and a good man. Great in the sense that he led people with a servants heart, as Christ did. Good in the sense that, in my 38 years, I never heard him curse, and only twice really saw him mad.
Once over shoe polish and once over a slammed door (both my fault!!).

Finally, he was the greatest dad on the planet. He taught me everything I know about fathering the four children that my wife and I are so blessed to have. He knew when to listen, when to offer advice, when not to offer advice, when to step in and support, and when to sit back and cheer from the sidelines. He was a phenomenal role model; my hero, my friend.

Not a day will pass when I won't reflect on the fun-loving, courageous, inspiring, godly man I call my dad - Charles Mark Corts - and miss him with every ounce of my being.

His son.

Jon M. Corts


(Steve Hill also related the following to me and I wanted to share it with you)

Right after Mark retired, the men of Calvary invited him to come speak to a men's breakfast. We felt that during his many years of Bible study and prayer, we'd pose a difficult question to him and so we asked:

"What is the meaning of life?" We went on to clarify: "Why are we here?"

He didn't hesitate, but quickly gave us just two words: "KNOW GOD".

At first it seemed too simple to be correct. We always tend to over complicate the truth of God's nature. I would have gone into some speech about being in relationship with God, spending time with Him, praying and fasting, etc. But all of that is already contained in those simple, but profound words.

To know God, we have to first believe, not only in His existence (Satan does that). But we must trust Jesus to save us before we can bridge that vast cavern created between us and God by our sin. It all starts there.

As the relationship continues, we do have to study his Word to understand His nature and His will for our lives, as revealed by the Holy Spirit, through the reading of scripture by a believer. We have to not only pray to Him, but have to be still and listen.

His word sometimes comes as a whisper or sometimes in the roar of a tornado (personal experience). But He does speak and touch us constantly as a living being, parent, friend, creator, etc. To the extent that we find ourselves "knowing God" and growing in that Knowledge through personal experience, we have purpose in life that transends all fame, fortune, or any other measures the world would call success.

Dr. Mark Corts lived a life that revolved around knowing God and drawing others into a desire to know Him for themselves. He truly practiced what he preached. And that's why we listened, some 60 guys at six oclock in the morning.

We drug ourselves to the scout building before the sun came up to hear Mark sum up His life in two simple words. And not one of us regreted it. And now we'll gather in his honor to worship together next Saturday.

But we won't be there to focus on Mark Corts. He wouldn't want it that way. We'll be there to see if we can follow Mark's example and get to know God just a little bit better.

And I don't consider this a farewell occasion. If I hear my name called as I enter the lobby of heaven, I'm going to look for that familier, smiling face, the twinkling eye, quick wit, and gentle handshake of Dr. Mark Corts. Because I know he'll be able to point the way to Jesus. After all, he's been doing it the whole time I knew him here on earth!

Steve Hill <><
"Pastor Mark Corts Died Today...
the news
from a phone call
from Kurt
last night.

I was surprised and yet I knew his health wasn't good...

Dr. Corts was my pastor for 30 years or so and only God himself knows how much he touched my life and thousands of others. He taught the WORD and lived it in a realistic way. I used to get a kick out of him hinting that he had to watch out to keep his speed down on the highway lest he get a ticket.

Mark was a dreamer and a visionary... some of those dreams were realized on earth and I guess the rest just came true yesterday.

An Angel up there!

I remember first visiting Calvary Baptist Church in the new sanctuary...lights were low...I was a little late...slipping in the back I saw this silver-haired man speaking...I kidded him later, "I almost took you for an angelic being up there! ha ha".

I can't believe he remembered my name!

After meeting Mark the first time for only a few seconds, he remembered my name like he had known me for years. It wasn't that I was so memorable... he remembered everybody's name... just phenominal!

Big on Evangelism

In the 70's I was in Dr. Corts Evangelism course... that was always big on pastor's heart. I had to do my visitation on Tuesday mornings when the ladies usually went out since at this time I was working at Radio Shack on Thursday nights. Mark finally found one guy to take me out on Tuesday mornings so it worked out ok...and I learned a lot.

Praying the old fashion way

When the church sent me to a short term mission stay in the Caribbean, Dr. Corts called me in to his office to pray for me. The first thing he did was hit the floor... we prayed the old fashion way!

Where did you come from!

One Sunday morning while I was at that radio station on Vieques Island taking care of the station I looked up...I couldn't believe it. There was Pastor! I understand that Mark liked to visit our missionaries if he was anywhere near. He sure surprised me!

Mark's Dad

I loved to hear Mark talk about his dad and how his dad kept all their old cars because they had so many memories attached to them.


I remember the time I was home on furlough from the mission work. Dr. Corts called me on his way to channel 12 to record "Pathway", the church program. It was the spur of the moment and that was ok. Dr. Corts wanted you to be ready at all times!

Call to prayer

I remember in the early 90's when Mark had that first major heart attack. Dr. Chapman took us all to our knees during the morning worship service. God answered our prayers and Dr. Corts was actually able to preach again!

Enjoy those Grandchildren

My prayer in the past few years has been for the Lord to give him some good years with his family and grandchildren. He had spend the most of his life caring for others in addition to his own family.

Great Legacy!

At times I felt like Dr. Corts was just burning himself out doing the Lord's work. But you know what? Whether that was true or not, burning out beats rusting out any day!

Dr. Corts leaves us a great legacy.

Well done...
good and faithful...

Monday, August 28, 2006

11 pounds, 22 inches...
Now that's a BABY!

Nathan now joins
his mom and dad
Andrew and Ruth
as they prepare
for their calling to Asia.

Remember us talking about Andrew and Ruth a lot on the radio...

Andrew served well here at WBFJ until the Lord called him to serve in Asia. Please pray for he and Ruth... the arrival of Nathan will surely bring them greater joy and more responsiblity. But I know this threesome with God's leading will do just fine!

PS..Andrew and Ruth..the Lord knew you were in a hurry to get to the field so they gave you a baby that's already half grown...he's a beauty!lol!

Shhhhh...look what I found posted in the WBFJ break room.

Now I wonder who put that on the wall?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Houston...We are ready to fly!"

Production room is back up and ready to roll. There'll be a few more inprovements but for the most part we're back in business. By the way, this makeover was done by our Engineer Larry Schropp and his associate Jim. Guys, you did great job!
This production room is really important to our well being...we do most all our recording there and in a week's time there is a lot of it! Usually one of us is waiting in line to use it. LOL.

Sorry I got caught rummaging through the trash to make sure nothing of use can be recycled (you know me). Tragic thing the picture showed just how thin my hair has become. I'm sure it just happened in the past few days as I never noticed it before..ha ha...
Mark Irwin, Director for Russia with HCJB World Radio was our special guest this past week.(Darren-WBFJ Morning Show Host there on the right with the funky shirt)

As you remember, WBFJ teamed up with HCJB to help support Christian Radio in Russia. Part of your Sharathon giving went to help.

It was great to sit down with Mark (Wally is the other guy in the pic if you haven't seen him lately) in person over breakfast and hear about the Lord's work in Russia and our small part in it all.

We really do hope to take this relationship to the next level and make a site visit to one or more of the stations in Russia. It's all fascinating...thank-you for helping us do this through your giving to WBFJ.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

WBFJ Production Room...
Day 2...

almost there!

Stay Tuned!

Monday, August 21, 2006

WBFJ Production Room

Took out
a rats maze
of old wiring...
and equipment...
this is the BEFORE Phase...
Stay tuned for the "AFTER" pictures! grandkids are here for a day or two...
just though you'd want to!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


The boss and I drove to High Point to get a good deal on a love seat for Wally's (my other boss) office to go along with his new flat screen tv that the boss and I found half-price at Sam's.

Wally's office was really needing a face-lift and since we did some wise shopping we were able to pull it off fairly cheap.

I think he likes it! (I can't wait till he takes a vacation so we can try out for him!)

Be sure to email Wally and tell him how you like it!
Please pray for my friend Paula... she's in the hospital with pneumonia. It wouldn't be quite so serious but she is on a ventilator that makes it harder for her lungs to heal and we want her well real soon to get back to her greeting card and encouragement ministry. We all love you, Paula!

on the last page
of my older Bible...

It's been there
about 30 years...
way before
I met my wife.

In marriage
and in so many
decisions of life,
I am so thankful
I heeded
this simple
but profound truth.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Steph...(in brown)
our Angel
farewell party
at Bonnies (in blue).

So, if you
came by the station
at noon today...
that's the reason
the place
was almost
a ghost town.
our volunteer coordinator,
outdid herself
with a big feast
with all the trimmings.
Thanks to Bonnie's Ron
for using his lunch hour
to do the barbeque.

You know, it was Steph's "going away to college party" but she gave US the gift! She made this neat blanket with staff picture and station logo sewn on it. Like all good work places we have hot spots and cold spots so the "WBFJ Blankie" is for the cool spots.

BOO HOO 2 tha' MAX
I'll especially miss Steph...(sorry I didn't even get in the pics lol ) she did everything behind the scenes for me...keeping up with the WBFJ Love Handles Entries, answering the phone and door, and a thousand other things. She has a real heart for God and I know the best for her is till yet to come... and as Steph always says..."God is good all the time!" go girl!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

HI...Here's one for you.

I have to get back to work
(yes, I don't spend all my time
doing this blog thing)
while you ponder this
(it's been around might have seen it):

When you rearrange the letters you get:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

AND FOR THE GRAND FINALE (and certainly not true!)
When you rearrange the letters:

Friday, August 11, 2006

Fix a flat
with FIXAFLAT...
Tire change in a can!
Just had to use one
on my truck tire gone flat.
In my opinion these things really work well
in most cases where the tire
is still on the rim and not blown out.
In my latest case...small nail.


Follow directions! Some of these products are flammable and you need to tell your tire repairman you used don't want to send him into eternity if he's smoking while repairing your tire.

In some cases I have used this product as a permanent solution though the manufacturer puts it as a temporary fix. (works on the kids bicycle tires, too).

HOSE OR NO HOSE...that is the question
I've used both types of cans. The ones with the hose work great if the tire valve is hard to get to. Just follow instructions on the can... shake the can well and screw onto the tire valve until the white goo stops flowing. In most cases the can will seal and inflate your tire well enough for you to get to a station.

Most tire repair shops hate these things because they gunk up the tire a little...but I'm sold on them and you'll be hard pressed to change my mind. They have saved me so many times.

About $3.00 at most stores...BIG LOTS is about half that and seem to work ok...

This is just a blog and my opinion...I am not a tire repair professional and the mention of said products does not imply endorsement of any particular product. Do not use the product for hair moose as it makes your hair flat and the pressure from the can could cause a major blow out of your ear drum. As with all products consult your car care profesional if you experience heart palpitations, blurred vision, or a sudden feeling of grandeur. If tire just won't inflate discontinue use of product at once and buy you a good set of tires.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I ran out of time before finishing my comment on the movie. Before I actually sat down and watched the whole thing I thought I already knew what the movie was all about.


I thought it was a fluffy, "Pollyannish", romantic yarn (yawn) about a tragic but perfect little romance during the Civil War Era. Man, was I wrong!

Dr. Chapman...Dr. Smalley....Help!...

Nelly and Ashley were a touch like that and the drama got a little thick at times but Scarlett and Rhett's relationship was a mess. Their relationship needed some serious help. Too bad "The Five Love Languages" and other great books weren't available then.


Being from the South, I couldn't help but feel the hurt and emotion of Sherman's 60 mile wide path of fire and complete devastation. I don't think it would have been bearable living in those times and faith in Christ would have been my only way of coping. I'm sure it was that way for many who survived it all.

Feel free to share your comments. I know it may be old hat to you but it's new to me and I bet I'm not the only one...LOL

Monday, August 07, 2006

GONE WITH THE WIND...Finally sat down and watched the whole thing!

OH, Scarlett and Rhett if you had only applied the book of Proverbs...
the story would have been so different!

Honestly, it was great movie and I can't believe it's taken me this long to watch it all the way through.


Just like the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life"...I watched parts of it in passing but never really got into it. And then one day I sat down and watched the's definitely one of my all time favorites. I just love Juh Juh Jimmy Sta Sta Stewart in that one..just love to hear him talk.


"Gone with the Wind" was part of my weekend at mema's. Judy and I went down Saturday and after supper Mema said she'd bought the movie some time ago and couldn't figure out the vcr.


Being the techno wizard I finally figured out how to get the movie on the tv. Mema, Judy and I had a cozy evening watching the South being destroyed and a lot of other drama... but seriously we all really loved the movie.

I may comment more when I have time...

Friday, August 04, 2006

But Lord...I am tired of going around in circles...same old, same old...nothing's happening...I must have misunderstood you...don't you care...I am worn out...going nowhere...wasting time..."


Joshua and the children of Israel marched around the seventh time...and the walls came a tumbling down!

Sometimes when "he just won't change"...the needed job just won't come...the kids won't let up...we need to march around the problem one more time in faith.


Just like Joshua...we must not be weary in well-doing... it seems like things never happen just when we want them but God has never been late...or left me out in the cold.

How about you?


(picture taken pre-sin)I am in deep trouble plus
I feel like a stray puppy. I didn't get put in the dog house...
I voluntarily crawled in.My friend Paula didn't forget...
she sent Judy a card. But me...I totally forgot.
I know she forgives me but she had to be hurt.
I'm a worm.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

God is now attaching labels to newborn babies…

“HANDMADE in Heaven by God. The little wrinkles, dimples, and quirks are not defects but are a natural part of this wonderful creation.

They are purposely woven into the fabric of this life… so what appears to be “flaws’ of the weaver by the unaided eye, are actually a badge of uniqueness… to be cherished as a reminder that you now are a handmade creation… unlike any other in existence. Congratulations!”


When I first gave my life to Christ in 1972 I spent much of waking thought life trying to find out which one of the other Christians I was supposed to act like. I was totally frustrated, confused, and religious…until one day God whispered into my heart, “John, rest in me and just be yourself.”


That one simple thought has been life-changing. (Though it has been a little hard on my friends putting up with all the “outburst of differences”.)


REMEMBER: God’s fingerprint is uniqueness. A thousand copies of something probably means it’s man-made. You want to be God-made. So relax… He might decide to do something different and unexpected with your life…and you’ll love it!

PS…email me when the Father does something unique in your life…I’d love to hear your stories…

I still get
and sleepy
I just see
the word

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Friend Paula from Mount Airy... you might have heard me talking about her and her "children"... Brandy (actually she spells it with an "i") and Taylor...they are real birds! Taylor loves the group Annointed and has been known to sing along...

Taylor is not
a PIRATE....
it's just
I really love this
"Taylor Look Alike" picture...

When I go visit I like to let the birds see me through he window first so I don't catch them unfeathered or anything. I also don't want to interrupt Brandi singing in the shower.Paula has ministry of cards and encouragement. I really cherish anything I receive from her and the girls...I think I still have them all.
She never misses my birthday or any other occasion...I can't even remember what day it is...I need to learn from Paula the joy of remembering dates...and a whole lot of other things. I talk with Paula by phone some but usually nurse/friend Debbie is my go-between. Really there's a lot more to be said but for now I just wanted you to meet my special friend Paula.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's a new week... old things have passed away ...
behold all things are made new.