Friday, June 20, 2008

Music Boat 2008... This Ain't yo Daddy's Taco Bell!

Ok...the Music Boat arrives in Mexico... but is it going to be the Ruins...Jungle...Shopping....Beach?

Normally shopping would have won out but that picture of the beachside barbecue won out!
Plus I saw that Mark Harris and a lot of other people were opting for the beach
so we decide to go for it!
OK..I admit, for a cruise we spent a lot of time on buses
but it was always cool and always with a lot of Music Boat artists around...
Being a secure male and accompanied by a real honey I was able to wear my pink WBFJ tee-shirt with no intimidation!
I just can't tell you how nice this place was but maybe the pictures will
give you a little feel for the place... NICE!

I felt like a real "Gringo"...

the sign was in english and I still couldn't read it!

But the Hammock gave me time to gather my thoughts...ha ha!

(as good as a la-z-boy!)

I actually took off my pink shirt and went in the water for awhile...

I'm thankful there are no known pictures of that event!

True story: There was a wedding setting up

for later in the day... nice place to say "I Do"!

Really the place looked like a postcard...

the water really was that "blue"...

When it came time to meet the bus to go back to the ship

my ego was really boosted when I heard someone whistle

at me Turned out to be a false alarm!

OK...bird, which way to the bus? to get back in time for dinner...

and a full night of concerts and then the midnight Mexican Buffet!

One of the non-artists on the boat was Mike Williams...funny...


Mike is best know for his Commercial Jingles like...

Mazda's "Zoom...Zoom...Zoom" and

Oscar Myer's "My Balogne has a first name..." jingle

Hey, it's already after 10 O'clockbut the night has just begun...

Judy and I were eating pizza at 1:30 in the morning and other fun stuff.

Sorry, I would show you the rest of the evening....but my camera just ran out of film...

Right, Judy?!!

(Guess who takes the stage tomorrow night)

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