Monday, September 25, 2006

Like pushing jello through a keyhole...

It all started with a simple statement just before midnight Sunday. Judy was mateing socks before retiring for the evening...she commented

"There's always one sock left over with no match after every load of clothes"

We'll I should have said..."Cool Baby" or "Really, that's odd" and let it go.

No, NOT ME...I gotta figure it all out, even if it takes all night!

Now where could those odd socks be hiding...

Well, I figured they must be caught in the dryer so I start easing my way in with a flashlight...

Couldn't see well so kept easing in slowly...

A little more and I was tummy plopped in like jello through a keyhole. I thought for a second I was stuck...

I was able to get out but I'm convinced they are making these dryers with smaller openings than they used to. I'm not that fat.

And the sad was all in socks hiding in there. (I did clean the lint filter while I was at it...looks like you ought to be able to recycle that stuff. With a years collection you should be able to make an outfit from it).

Stumped I decided to do a google search... "mates for socks"... that was futile...all the sites required long questinaires before they would even deal with you.

When the qustions were starting to get a little personal...I just threw up my hands, "What does that qustion have to do with finding my socks!"

I decided I was getting nowhere so I just decided to sleep on it...

After a good nights rest and< back in my right mind I came up with the perfect solution. Pretty cool, huh?

Now wasn't that

Blogger note:

I thought I dreamed
this whole thing but
since I found the pictures
in my camera
I guess it really happened.

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