Thursday, September 28, 2006

"PAPA Noahjohn" YES LORD...your servant heareth...

Wally called me and told me to head for cover, THE storm is heading right over you. I grabbed the giant 12 foot black "garbage bag" and started making a shelter and before I could say "skat" (southern for SHEZAMMM) the heavens were opening up!
Forty days and way! I barely made it through the 40 minutes. It was thundering, lightning and adrenalin level went sky high! If you were listening on air you know it was amusing.
Picture this little puppy under the big garbage bag having a blast on the radio...the pictures just don't tell the story but no one was around during the thick of it to get it in print.

See you this weekend at the fair! (10 days of cool sunshine would be nice)

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