Wednesday, September 06, 2006

REMEMBER "The WBFJ Blankie" that our intern Steph made for us before she left for Garner Webb U ? (Blog down a few weeks if you forgot...also this pic may help you figure who is who...Bonnie-volunteer coordinator on top, Steph intern- carrying the load, lol)).

The WBFJ Blankie was made to serve a dual serve as a hug reminder from Steph and to keep the user warm when the WBFJ studio gets too cold (we can't get it at just the right tempt!)Don't know which use Bev is putting it to but she seems to be all wrapped up in it and in what's she is doing. LOL! I think she is doing the WBFJ newsletter which sometimes can be a battle with the WBFJ printer.

Either way, she looks like she needs a hug. Bev and Deke maintain WBFJ.FM among other things. If you want to send Bev a hug it's .

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