Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nashville invaded by space ship...E.T. phone left at home?

WOW... You're not going to believe this Sci-fi beginning to GMA week!

But let's back up a little...

Friday...Wally, Verne and I left Charlotte Airport

for the Gospel Music Association in Nashville.

First thing after we arrived at our Nashville hotel

Wally went online to find out why the airlines had no record of our plane reservations to Nashville...

That's right.. a few hours earlier at the Charlotte airport...

they had no reservations for us!

Wally later determined the reservations were made on April 1st

and apparently they thought he was joking.. LOL-not.

And while Wally was figuring out what went wrong with the reservations...

I was cogitating on where my cell phone was.

When it came time to go through the Charlotte airport security

I suddenly realized my cell phone was no longer in my pocket...

While Wally and I were trying to solve our mysteries...

Verne was looking out the window at our hotel...

and noticed a large crowd gathering and looking up...

All of a sudden Verne said

"'s a space ship coming in there at the left..."

"And it's landing on top of the building next door!"

Sure enough... when Wally and I looked out...

there it was!

And this giant inflatable alien had come out of the ship

and people were all around checking it out.

Verne ran down to get an exclusive interview

to call into Tami and Darren on the morning show

But he was too late!

By the time he got down the sky turned dark

and the ship was on it's way out...

He did recover a few of these little speckled eggs

the alien visitors apparently left behind.

But there is some good news:

We had a wonderful time later in the evening listening to Nate Sallie and Plumb...

Nate brought the roof down!

Plumb just out-of-site also...

There is one little bit of bad news...(LOL)

Wally told me to dress western since we were going to Nashville...

well I think it got me in hot water with the locals... I think I made the paper!

Here's the scoop:

For fun when I walked into a karaoke thing to do a version of the late johnny cash's

"ring of fire "... they booed me off the stage...

apparently thought I was that "I-guy..." (LOL)

but you know papa john isn't like that...

(And you know I'm pulling your

(Thanks -I think-to Deke and PHOTOSHOP for the birth of this picture creation... that child is dangerous with a computer...LOL!)

Well that's day one...including a little extra "stuff" thrown in...ha ha!

There will be more!

Live from Nashville... Music Week at The Gospel Music Association.

Our pharmacy LOL

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JennB said...

Great blog, John!
Glad you made it to Nashville despite the lack of reservations! :(
Funny thing-I lost my cell phone--without realizing it until the guy at the Delta counter at the gate made an announcement about a found LG cell phone--in the Atlanta airport on the way back from Peru. I guess we both need deeper pockets!
Have fun and be careful!
Love, Jenn