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Michael W. Smith added to Music City Walk of Fame...

To be honest I kinda stumbled onto this whole thing while at Music Week at the Gospel Music Association in Nashville... I had heard Wally mention something about the event but didn't eally put it all together until I wandered around and saw the crowd sitting out in the Nashville sun...

I looked on stage and saw Michael W. Smith so I staked out a spot and started taking a few pictures. Since I didn't know anyone else on stage I started paying attention and realized this was more than a Michael W. Smith event.

Buddy Holly's band, "The Crickets" was the first group honored and then their star on the "Music City Walk of Fame" was uncovered.

Emmylou Harris was also honored and her star uncovered.

(For a complete list of Honorees check the blog account near the end...)

When it came time to introduce Michael W. Smith this somewhat somber guy stood up...

and to my surprise it was Jim Caviezel, the actor Mel Gibson chose to play Christ in the movie, Passion of the Christ.

Jim told the story about the gruelling and sometimes dangerous times during the filming of the movie...

While Jim was out in the cold hanging on the cross he separated his shoulder... he was also once struck by lightning...

All in all it was a touching story but the tie-in to Michael W. Smith was that during his long "wait time" during shooting while he hung there in pain... someone slipped Jim a walkman and earplugs up to him playing Michael's song ABOVE ALL ELSE and if you remember the words you can see why this song profoundly change Jim's life and why the two became good friends.

Michael thanked God for all the blessings in his life... especially his wife and family... and for the city of Nashville for being good to him.

It was a very moving ceremony and I was glad I was there to see it all...

It was also good to see Michael W. Smith's dad who was able to be there to witness the occasion.

Another moving moment was the comments by Wynoona Judd. I have not kept up with her career but remember her from being on the TV program Touched by an Angel singing Testify to Love.

I could tell by her sincere comments and humble demeanor that life had been hard at times for her but I could also tell the Lord had been good to her and she in no uncertain terms made that very clear. I was very moved by it all.

I really don't know who all was in the VIP audience... look around. You might see someone you recognize...

Don't know who this little fellow was but he was quick to check out the star!

(And so was I and everyone else there!)

I tought the whole event was cool! And I was so happy to see the Lord publically honored too, through the testimony of Michael W. and some of the others. I have to admit my "Judy side" (LOL) came out a little as I brushed away a few tears from time to time...

I saved the rest of my shots for a little slide show...
take time to read the complete report of the event
borrowed from a fellow blogger ...

Remember you can also view all the pictures in the slide show individually... just click on "View All" and click on each to enlarge.


Christian music superstar Michael W. Smith will join an elite group of music industry figures this weekend when he is inducted into the Music City Walk of Fame.The induction ceremony takes place at the Hall of Fame Park in downtown Nashville on Apr. 22.

The 2007 class of inductees for the Music City Walk of Fame also includes country legend Emmylou Harris, Americana mainstay John Hiatt, country powerhouse Wynonna Judd, seminal rock ‘n’ roll combo The Crickets, and long-time BMI president/CEO Frances Preston.

Smith comments, “I’m thrilled to share this day with Emmylou, John, Wynonna, The Crickets and Frances. I was surprised when I found out, and am humbled by the honor.”

Jim Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus in the 2005 film “The Passion of the Christ,” is a friend of Smith’s and will serve as his presenter into the Music City Walk of Fame.

The Music City Walk of Fame is an official project of Music City Inc, the charitable foundation of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the 2007 class represents the second group of honorees inducted.

"This class of inductees continues to showcase the diversity of the music that thrives in this city,” said Butch Spyridon, President of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“Each honoree has left an indelible mark on music worldwide and on our city’s musical heritage. We’re privileged to pay homage to their great success.”

The Music City Walk of Fame ceremony kicks off a busy Gospel Music Week 2007 for Smith. He will be a presenter at the 38th Annual GMA Dove Awards at the Grand Ole Opry House next Wednesday, Apr. 25.Thanks to Kevin Donovan that who I think it is?

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