Wednesday, July 12, 2006 it's been months since I "blogged". I was waiting for the new WBFJ web site to get on line so you would know where to find me.

Now that you know I'm here, I hope you will check out my headlines every now and then.

I'm here at work early today. At about 6:30 got a call from the morning crew here at the station. "John, sorry to wake you but we don't have power on half of our equipment and we are not on the air."

Anyway, I'm here and we are back on the air waiting for Duke Power to come and replace the giant "fuse" out on the power pole. Those doggone birds keep trying to nest on our power pole...they get zapped... and we lose electricity in part of the building which means "no radio" till we get everything plugged into a working outlet.


It's really bad for the birds, for us and for you when you tune in. It's also bad for me personally since I drag in here way too early...and this same thing has happened several times this year!

Actually I'm heading back home to shower and then come back at my regular time which is around 10:30 (am). Then I crawl into the WBFJ lazyboy at 4 and help you navigate the traffic home.


By the way, if you ever have questions about any technical issues with the station just email me ...that's part of my job, too.

I'll see you around the radio this afternoon at 4 or back here real soon...I've still got to tell you that story about how I ended up in the Caribbean before coming to WBFJ.

PS...thanks to Bev here at the'll be seeing some wild pictures!

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