Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"a friend like you"....Geoff comes a callin'

You GOT to LOVE this job!

Where else could you be listening to a cd one minute

and the next be out in the WBFJ lobby listening to a live mini-concert

with the much loved GEOFF MOORE...

Geoff didn't do his "Snoopy and Charlie" song ( "A Friend Like You") or "HOMERUN"...

But with the help of sidekick Dana... Geoff did do a beautiful job with his classic

"LISTEN TO OUR HEARTS"... and several other moving praise songs.

A bit out of character for Wally but he pointed his finger right at Geoff and said...

"We're looking for a new record from you soon, Buddy!"

{Wally, I think they call them CD's

Tami did the pointing finger thing and agreed... (and eventhough Erock was in a

Building 429 mood yesterday, he was really excited to see Geoff and join the

group hug).

AND..Papa John as always likes to show off his big tummy to all visiting dignitaries....(lol)

Geoff made our day! Can't wait to hear the new CD.

Check out Geoff's website...

You got to love this job!

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