Monday, January 08, 2007

"Ain't no drag...papa's got a brand new..."

You see that computer screen at my left with all the colored blocks...

That's our "Super Ipod" (LOL)... it's one of the 6 computers that contain all the music, announcements and just about everything you hear everyday on WBFJ AM and FM...

Before you yawn out on me there is a reason I'm telling you all this.

This week we'll be transferring hours of music and data from these computers to new replacements and we would seriously appreciate your prayers.

Goofing this up would be something like crashing your Ipod and losing your 900 songs you downloaded one-by-one. Not exactly a perfect comparison but hopefully you get my point.

AND hopefully you won't hear many glitches on air but just know there will be alot going on this week behind the scenes at WBFJ. Please pray by Friday everything will be updated and we'll be set for another 7 years without a major redo.


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