Monday, January 29, 2007

Holey Dualing Doughnuts, Batman...anyone kremed?

I heard this rustling sound coming from the station kitchen...
I rushed in not knowing what I'd find...

Would you believe ... two empty doughnut boxes bumping each other.. I thought it was funny but how can this be happening...

must be a mouse!
As I got closer the KK box popped the DD box like they were "boxing".... surely Tami or Deke are controlling this with strings or something..this is weird!

WOW! The KK box went in for a sucker punch.. the DD box started showing a little distress... I yelled out,"You guys gotta cut this out before one of you gets really crushed!"

The DD box rebounded like you wouldn't believe and popped the KK box right in the Trade Mark!
"Oh, no... you guys are destroying each other!

Who started this anyway?"

"HE DID... he called me a holey crumb bisquit!"

"Yeah...after HE called me a carpetbagging coffee soaker"

Ok...guys ... before you completely TRASH each other...I'm doing it for you...LOL!

PS..there was a winner in this match in my opinion but I'm partial to one so I won't reveal it just yet...Krispy Kreme or Duncan Doughnuts????

Note: no doughnuts were harmed during this blog (morning show already polished them off)...however one of the boxes was crushed big time but can't say which one!

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