Friday, January 05, 2007

Donna spottings from all over... but FINALLY!

The last few hours we have received word of "DONNA" sightings from all over the place...

emails... calls... you name it!

We never realized how well-known the Roseannes are...

We received one picture taken by a young lady in Rocky Mount of "Donna" in the Mall...

Turned out to be Tami's cousin VINNY-etta... a blonde... but not THE blonde!

Baby and I decided to stay on our original track and
we made a second trip back to Donna's "agent" office...

and there she was!

After telling about all Baby and I had done to find her and the family she was elated.

Donna confirmed...the rumor is true. The Roseannes have moved back to Chatham County!

This was an emotional moment for all of us... Judy (Baby) and I could hardly speak... about all I could get out of my mouth was a little pithiness... "Donna, just remember chickens come home to roost" and "apples usually drop close to the tree... and that's OK."

I'm not exactly sure what all that meant but it seemed to hit a cord with Donna.

After Donna filled us in on all the family news, Baby and I had to bid Donna goodbye.

I know you want to hear more but...

Too much to tell here but maybe more later after they get settled in good.

It is true... Rosie and the gang are back!

Case closed!

PS...Donna confirmed that CHIA keyboard was a Christmas gift from husband John. We told her how much we loved it. Verne Hill likes his a lot too.

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