Thursday, January 04, 2007

Still on the trail...Rosie's CHIA won't be long now!

One of the big challenges of the holidays was trying to track down former morning show personality Donna Roseanne and family.

The first trip to the capital city of Chatham county a few days ago got us closer than we realized.

My assistant Judy (Baby Baby) had left notes and business cards all over the place in hopes someone would call us if they knew the whereabouts of the Roseannes.

Well, it payed off!

By the time we had returned home there was an anonymous message on our machine stating Donna and John were "Agents" in Chatham county and gave us an address.

Next day at dawn's first light Baby and I got in the van and rushed down I40 to 64... we were so excited to solve this mystery.

It took us over and hour... we pulled up to a medium sized office building just like the message had stated and sure enough...a small sign on the door..."ROSEANNE ________ AGENT".

No one was in the office but after I explained it all to the maintenance guy he thought it would be ok for us to go in and wait.

It was a wild office with post-it notes all over the place. Baby commented, "THIS HAS TO BE DONNA"S OFFICE!"

After I spotted Donna's "CHIA Keyboard" I added, "You're probably right...only Donna and Verne Hill have CHIA Keyboards"!

BUT then came the clincher!

As we checked out the adjoining office
all doubt was removed. When I spotted John Roseanne's silver-lined "Spartan" NASA approved, clean room office with dual monitors, I knew we had found them! YEAH!

So close yet so far away... we waited for hours and still no Donna...I guess some things never change..LOL.

I liked Baby's suggestion..."Let's go shopping in Siler City and continue this later".

It won't be long now...Roseannes... we are hot on your trail!

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