Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Pastor Mark Corts Died Today...
the news
from a phone call
from Kurt
last night.

I was surprised and yet I knew his health wasn't good...

Dr. Corts was my pastor for 30 years or so and only God himself knows how much he touched my life and thousands of others. He taught the WORD and lived it in a realistic way. I used to get a kick out of him hinting that he had to watch out to keep his speed down on the highway lest he get a ticket.

Mark was a dreamer and a visionary... some of those dreams were realized on earth and I guess the rest just came true yesterday.

An Angel up there!

I remember first visiting Calvary Baptist Church in the new sanctuary...lights were low...I was a little late...slipping in the back I saw this silver-haired man speaking...I kidded him later, "I almost took you for an angelic being up there! ha ha".

I can't believe he remembered my name!

After meeting Mark the first time for only a few seconds, he remembered my name like he had known me for years. It wasn't that I was so memorable... he remembered everybody's name... just phenominal!

Big on Evangelism

In the 70's I was in Dr. Corts Evangelism course... that was always big on pastor's heart. I had to do my visitation on Tuesday mornings when the ladies usually went out since at this time I was working at Radio Shack on Thursday nights. Mark finally found one guy to take me out on Tuesday mornings so it worked out ok...and I learned a lot.

Praying the old fashion way

When the church sent me to a short term mission stay in the Caribbean, Dr. Corts called me in to his office to pray for me. The first thing he did was hit the floor... we prayed the old fashion way!

Where did you come from!

One Sunday morning while I was at that radio station on Vieques Island taking care of the station I looked up...I couldn't believe it. There was Pastor! I understand that Mark liked to visit our missionaries if he was anywhere near. He sure surprised me!

Mark's Dad

I loved to hear Mark talk about his dad and how his dad kept all their old cars because they had so many memories attached to them.


I remember the time I was home on furlough from the mission work. Dr. Corts called me on his way to channel 12 to record "Pathway", the church program. It was the spur of the moment and that was ok. Dr. Corts wanted you to be ready at all times!

Call to prayer

I remember in the early 90's when Mark had that first major heart attack. Dr. Chapman took us all to our knees during the morning worship service. God answered our prayers and Dr. Corts was actually able to preach again!

Enjoy those Grandchildren

My prayer in the past few years has been for the Lord to give him some good years with his family and grandchildren. He had spend the most of his life caring for others in addition to his own family.

Great Legacy!

At times I felt like Dr. Corts was just burning himself out doing the Lord's work. But you know what? Whether that was true or not, burning out beats rusting out any day!

Dr. Corts leaves us a great legacy.

Well done...
good and faithful...

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