Friday, August 11, 2006

Fix a flat
with FIXAFLAT...
Tire change in a can!
Just had to use one
on my truck tire gone flat.
In my opinion these things really work well
in most cases where the tire
is still on the rim and not blown out.
In my latest case...small nail.


Follow directions! Some of these products are flammable and you need to tell your tire repairman you used don't want to send him into eternity if he's smoking while repairing your tire.

In some cases I have used this product as a permanent solution though the manufacturer puts it as a temporary fix. (works on the kids bicycle tires, too).

HOSE OR NO HOSE...that is the question
I've used both types of cans. The ones with the hose work great if the tire valve is hard to get to. Just follow instructions on the can... shake the can well and screw onto the tire valve until the white goo stops flowing. In most cases the can will seal and inflate your tire well enough for you to get to a station.

Most tire repair shops hate these things because they gunk up the tire a little...but I'm sold on them and you'll be hard pressed to change my mind. They have saved me so many times.

About $3.00 at most stores...BIG LOTS is about half that and seem to work ok...

This is just a blog and my opinion...I am not a tire repair professional and the mention of said products does not imply endorsement of any particular product. Do not use the product for hair moose as it makes your hair flat and the pressure from the can could cause a major blow out of your ear drum. As with all products consult your car care profesional if you experience heart palpitations, blurred vision, or a sudden feeling of grandeur. If tire just won't inflate discontinue use of product at once and buy you a good set of tires.

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