Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Friend Paula from Mount Airy... you might have heard me talking about her and her "children"... Brandy (actually she spells it with an "i") and Taylor...they are real birds! Taylor loves the group Annointed and has been known to sing along...

Taylor is not
a PIRATE....
it's just
I really love this
"Taylor Look Alike" picture...

When I go visit I like to let the birds see me through he window first so I don't catch them unfeathered or anything. I also don't want to interrupt Brandi singing in the shower.Paula has ministry of cards and encouragement. I really cherish anything I receive from her and the girls...I think I still have them all.
She never misses my birthday or any other occasion...I can't even remember what day it is...I need to learn from Paula the joy of remembering dates...and a whole lot of other things. I talk with Paula by phone some but usually nurse/friend Debbie is my go-between. Really there's a lot more to be said but for now I just wanted you to meet my special friend Paula.

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