Friday, December 08, 2006

more friends... meet ... SAM

I have another friend I need to tell you about...

MY FRIEND Sam...(first name only to protect the reputaion of the President of his company)

Son of SOLOMON we call him because he is so wise...(Let's assume Sam's the man on the right of me and the donkey...duh.The donkey is in the picture just to get your attention...donkey pictures always do that for some

SAM has the wisdom of SOLOMON...he was a world traveler in the 60's and is still an instant party when he arrives... SAM is a telephone programming genius and VP of a major telecommunications company in the Triad (which I won't mention to protect his team members)... so we don't get to see him often...but we are happy when he lays hands on our telephone system and these CONVERGENT TECHNOLOGIES happen at the station.

Sam is a "straight-shooter" but I did catch him in a week moment trying to "pull ones leg" so this is definitely the exception but we all did enjoy this moment captured for our digital archives...and we are hoping Sam's team members check papajohn's place real often...LOL.

You brighten our lives Sam..thanks for all "you-all" do for the station.

(BLOGGER WARNING: enjoy this blog early as I may get busted for exposing this candid picture and have to do the worm thing and do a complete

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