Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Birds of a feather...Flock to BFJ...."

"WELCOME PAULA-KEET"... Yep...we were blessed with our Christmas visit from our friend Paula, her dad and nurse Debbie...

As you remember, Paula has two beautiful children with beautiful feathers. Brandi and Taylor couldn't make it but they sent gifts...thanks, girls!

And Paula thanks for the delicious Red Velvet Cake..more about that later.

Bonnie led the shopping and helped us get just the right thing for Paula... I think she liked it, don't you? It was cool if I do say so myself. But there's more...

A musical snow globe...Paula isn't a big fan of real snowy days since that makes transportation hard for nurse Debbie. But this musical version is ok.

Poor Tami got all caught up in this emotional time of gift giving and wanted to give Paula something close to her (Tami's) heart. So poor Tami searched her office frantically and finally came up with her year's collection of used Scotch and packing tape. As you remember, Tami is really big on the use of Scotch tape.

Nurse Debbie graciously received the "tape blob" for Paula though I didn't see all that much excitement on their faces. Debbie did comment..."that should be handy lifting large fiber balls and lint from our clothes..."

Now back to the Red Velvet Cake...the bfj belly boys rushed in and started scarving it up...

Poor belly boy Nolan (our intern) ate so much he flaked out in the AM control room floor!

I almost missed the boat on this one went so fast!

Thankfully I was able to hide one piece...the last piece is the!

Thanks Paula, Debbie and Mr. V. Thanks Brandi and Taylor for the special gifts. We all are definitely birds of a We love you all!

And love the hat, Paula!

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