Saturday, December 23, 2006

"Tickle-Me-Elvis" SOLD OUT...Sorry, no rainchecks ...

Just a few more days and MEMA's Christmas Shoppe will be closing for the season...this year's hottest item, "Tickle-Me-Elvis" sold out in 24 hours! No wonder... Elvis was wiggling way before ELMO was born!

This is one unique gift...tickle the buckle and Elvis sings "Blue Christmas"

It's not a well known fact but... like Mema, Elvis loved bears!

Sorry, you missed out on this "Once-in-a lifetime" rarity but Mema's Gallery is filled with other interesting folk for your consideration...

Hey, thanks for looking... you're always welcome at MEMA's and

Come back anytime! And as we celebrate the birthday of the KING of Kings I ask the FATHER to bless you in a special way as you honor HIS Son...and if you haven't met HIM yet, why not ask Jesus into your heart right now? What are you waiting for?

MERRY CHRISTMAS from MEMA...Me (and Judy)... and of course, from the big "E"!

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