Friday, December 22, 2006

Duncan Dough...uh...Marshmallows?

WBFJ Christmas Concert at Hanes Mall with Bryan Duncan...OUTSTANDING!

But apparently Bryan missed the memo..throw out doughnuts not marshmallows..oh well, everybody seemed happy to get the snowman "stuff".

Big crowd with celebrities! Check right side of the aisle...5 rows the green shirt...

Looks like Donnie Osmond* to me...he probably came for the "little bit of rock-n-roll" to go along with Maries "little bit country"..reckon?

And Tami's cousin VINNYetta* was spotted near the back...this blog loves people with colored hair...

Bryan's parents were our special guests...they love their son's music like me do!
When questioned about Bryan's spunky demeanor..."We did the best we could!"

Tami slipped Bryan the old motorcycle handshake to get his attention...Bryan was whispering under his breath, "Oh, no, This woman's going to kiss me...NOT!

You're safe Bryan, Tami is happily married and just wanted to share some motorcycle stories with you.

One slightly unusual thing I've never seen before...the autograph session was so hot and heavy they had to keep the sharpies on ice...seemed to work fine.

On the way out Bryan's brother Don on his right compare Looneytunes ties with WBFJ's Darren Stevens.

Great Concert... let's do it again next year!


**Blogger Cast and Credits: Red haired lady courtesy of Macy's window display.

Donnie "O" look-a-like is my friend Ronnie and he does get accused of looking like Donnie a lot.(after this I hope he is still my

Everybody else were themselves... lol.

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Tami said...

Oh, sure. He'll pucker up for Darren.