Tuesday, December 19, 2006

WBFJ Christmas Office Party...monster appears!

Kurt opens the party with his rendition of "ELF"... rapidly replacing Wally's "Itsy bitsy Spider" thing in popularity.

And is a bit more colorful. Sorry Wally.

Verne gazes into his Giant Appalachian Tree ornament (from Bonnie) and predicts Applachian will have a great 2007 season. YEAH, RIGHT, Verne...YOU'RE JUST CHECKING YOUR HAIR!!! You're BUSTED!!!!

Darren gets a bowl of hot stuff...

Darren sweats a little.

Jenn gets gloves?

("Why did Wally give me these rubber gloves and 10 bottles of PURELL? Is he trying to tell me something?" He's getting a gallon of Pinesol at the New Years Party! or worse!)

Wally admiring his "Friends Are Friends Forever Book" by Michael W. Smith given by Tami with an "i". Apparently this book has been showing up a lot on a regular basis.

Tami managed to write stuff all in it to end the "Fruitcake Syndrome". Wally you'd have to tear out half the book to re-gift it (Come to think of it...maybe that explains why half the pages from the "Purpose Driven Devotions" book Wally gave me last year were missing.lol) If you click on the picture you can read a little of it.

Poor Eric...he tried to act surprised by his gift from Deke. Apparently Deke ruffled up the Wednesday sales papers and stuffed them in a bag to look like a real gift. Eric was so gracious..."Thanks Deke... Now I'll get to see all the sales I missed last week...I am so happy...I thought I had missed those deals...yipee" (if you ever saw the movie "The Jerk" (preferably the tv version) this will make more sense..lol)

When Deke got his gift of his favorite coffee, out of guilt, he hid his face ...raised his hand and admitted he had given Eric a bag of papers. Shame off you Deke!

Being a Lover of Country Style Steak and Mashed Potatoes I was overjoyed when Kurt gave me a gift certificate for BELL BROTHERS CAFE. I looked over at Wally and saw the envy in his face.

Tami was so blessed...TY Pennington from ABC's "EXTREME MOME MAKEOVER" sent her an "Extreme Home Makeover Production Kit" complete with a roll of official "HOT SET" yellow caution tape from the program...

And an "OFFICIAL TY APPROVED" "little Wonder" hand drill...made officially in TY-Wan.

And an "Official" autographed Ty MEGAPHONE...complete with batteries and a siren!

B-U-S !!!!!!!!"

"Boys this party is over....


Oh MY, we've created a monster! lol.

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