Friday, December 01, 2006

"...when you're're not! LOL.

I was in my cube minding my own business when Bonnie up in her front cubicle... in her own antimated fashion... let the whole office know... she was hot. Then others started saying they were warm also.

I knew I had to nip this in the bud before everybody started toying with the thermostat. So being the tecno person on staff, I took out my non-contact infrared thermometer and checked everybody's radiating temperature (not the internal body temperature or the ambient tempterature) but RADIANT TEMPERATURE.

Bonnie came in at 74.6 F which was about room temperature that day.

Tami was 77.2 F, a tad warmer. (Verne and Darren were unavailable for a check.)

Jen: 82.8 F She was in the AM Control room so that might have skewed the results a degree or two. But anyway, by now I'm thinking there might be something to this.

UM..better check Deke..he's usually pretty cool. Sure true fashion... Deke was 75.5 F.

Steph was visiting from college and was the one talking to Bonnie so I thought I better check her out, too. Steph was 80.8 F(The fact she now lives at Boiling Springs probably skewed her a little high)

Kurt was wondering what was going on so I decided to take a reading... Kurt was 75.7. F... about average so far.

To keep this experiment scientific I needed to include Cindy, our newest family member. Cindy getting ready to strangle me came in at 75.5 F.

( didn't check Wally or myself...I'm sure our readings would cancel each other out)


The average internal body tempt is 98.6 F and our average staff radiant temperature was about 77.5 on a day when the station tempt was about 75 degrees.


We're all pretty cool (especially in the Father's eyes)

But none of us...

are as hot...

as we think we are!

And that's all I got to say about that...LOL.

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