Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The nuggets were a flying!

KICK OFF at CHICK-fil-a.
All I did was to tell
BONNIE she was the wrong
size to fit through
the exercise equipment in
the children's playground area...
the sign said so.
She took it
all wrong and started
hurling nuggets at me!
I tried to get away
but all I could do was
grab my laptop and use it
as a shield.
(NOTE: No nuggets were wasted
in this episode...caught and
ate 'em....gross... LOL)
Tami with an i
from the wbfj morning show
has reportedly been blogging
some contrary things
about this event. BUT you
know who to believe, RIGHT?
I have the grease spots on my
laptop to prove it!

NOTE: my grandson had no part
in this but if you're going
to be a good papa
you gotta get the
grandkids pictures in there
as much as possible
so a BOOYA from josh!

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