Thursday, November 16, 2006

SONY PS3...a line of things to come?

I saw where die hard gamers were waiting in line for the new SONY PS3 so I decided to drive by and catch a few shots for my blog...inquiring minds want to know.

These folk got it bad!

As my eyes started scanning the crowd I was even feeling a little sorry for the gamers waiting in line because there's only a few available at each store... But down deep I was thinking, "nobody I know would put themselves through all this for a $600 game..."

I can't believe THIS

And then my jaw dropped... when I saw who was waiting.


Darren I can figure...he wants to get a PS3 and sell it on ebay. BUT WD...just can't figure that one!

(And that was a little bold guys to bring your own bench...

Darren better watch out for WD...he'll distract you with that OPIE Mayberry smile and his little "Itsy Bitsy Spider" thing and jump line... BETTER WATCH HIM...only 20 PS3's available!)

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