Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Papa Gump" meets "Tile Lady"...

To make a long story short...

we were down east
to celebrate Mema's birthday. I needed to come back home
and work...Judy wanted to stay longer with Mema.

So I volunteered to take
the train home and leave her the car
to return Wednesday at her leisure.

No problem...I did this once before.
I kinda like it...you meet a lot
of interesting people.
Though to be honest...
I usually just keep to myself. LOL.

While I
was getting
my tickets
and shuttle
to make sure
was in order...

Judy was
out "mingling"...

I didn't
pay much
to who
she was
talking to
but she seemed
to be enjoying

no problem.

My train was due anytime now so Judy gave me a kiss and a hug and drove back to MEMA'S.

Waiting for my train, I looked over to the adjoining bench and eyed that nice lady Judy had been talking to. I wonder what she and Judy talked about? Gotta ask...but what can I say to put her at ease.

"Mam...I really love your outfit...is it a Jenny Craig...it reminds me of my shower walls"...

(no response... She must have taken it all wrong. So I tried again...)

"Mam...Is that real Texas AGNER Armadilla? I bet it's easy to keep clean...ketchup and french fries probably just roll right off, right?"

(This woman seemed downright cold...but I couldn't give up until I found out what she and Judy talked about.)

Totally frustrated, I decided to do it Forest Gump style... squeezing my Clover Cola I nudged a little closer and got right in her face and asked...

"Mam...you-ou ev-er sur-uf the-uh net?...

(a little smile appeared)...

"Uh, you-ou ev-er heard-ud of Ver-une Hil-il?"

(little smile)...trying to take it to the next level, I pulled the Forrest Gump line...

"Life is like a box of chock-o-lits.....you never?"...

I was interrupted by loud talking...

I was so into all this I didn't realize a crowd was gathering... I looked up and they began ragging on me about harassing this nice old lady...

"but I was just trying to be friendly and find out what she and my wife talked about..but..."



was I
to see
a coming!
(Like Newsong say...
Don't eat
no chicken
just get on board!

that's how
I met my
new friend.
She was cool.
ambient temperature even.
(i think she liked me ok
in spite of all that happened)

Just remember...papa john's place is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get...(count on a nut every now and then...LOL.)

STILL TO COME: "Tickle-Me-Elvis" doll and more...

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