Sunday, November 05, 2006

I have "IT"...I"ve Figured "IT" out! You won't believe "IT"!

This thing has been bugging me all weekend! To take a little break from "IT" I decided to watch a little tv. Actually I was nodding off when all of a sudden I looked up and was stunned to see a commercial pop up...suddenly I had "IT"!

Scratching like crazy, I realized somehow we got "IT" from ebay. (The ebay commercial said so!)


FIRST: gotta check with ebay. Did that. Seems like "IT" links back to an ebay auction conducted by an innocent college student in Boiling Springs, North Carolina.

Here's what I've found out about "IT" so far.


Apparently a student at G. Webb U involved in a college project to determine the GULLABILITY THRESHOLD of ebay buyers saw the ebay commercial and thought she would use the auction service to test her project thesis.

BESIDES, she had developed this itch from somewhere and decided it was time to get rid of "IT". PLUS, she could use a little extra gas money.

"IT" all ADS up

So MS. Richey listed "IT" on ebay...(great ad by the way)

GET "IT" NOW...just in time for the Holidays...get "IT" for yourself...share "IT" with your family and friends...a full 7 years supply of "IT" for only $9.95 with free shipping. "IT" will change your life... You can even give "IT" to your pets... your neighbors pets..the mailman...the uses for "IT" are endless! The BUY "IT" NOW price is only $9.95. (Leave positive feedack and I'll do the same...the "you scratch my back...I'll scratch yours" )



Who at wbfj bought "IT" off ebay?

I have my theory... stay tuned while DANA does an ADMIN HISTORY SEARCH on all station computers... we'll know soon!

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