Thursday, November 09, 2006

Studio Rebirth... November 2006

After I voted Tuesday, the team and I began the long awaited studio makeover. What you normally hear coming from the main control room is now broadcast out of the production room we re-did a few months and a few blogs back.


In 1990 when this studio was wired for WBFJ-AM all the wiring was really neat. But after adding WBFJ-FM and miles of wire and new equipment, it was like a rats nest of wires to remove...without shutting the station down...LOL.

By later in the evening I was left alone looking at an almost empty room. I thought back to 1990 when everything was new and we were all a lot younger. LOL. In those days we were dreaming of adding an FM station but it all seemed so impossible. We always believed and still do believe...if we are faithful, God will increase our borders.

AS I disassembled the old studio furniture I ran across a single little puzzle piece. This incident reminded me of the time I unknowingly started putting together an "incomplete puzzle". Someone had given me an APOLLO 7 puzzle and I remember how disappointed I was to find at the end that there were a couple of pieces missing.


I had all kinds of thoughts..."man, someone would probably like to have this... they probably searched hours for it" and then I thought "who in the world would be putting together a puzzle in the WBFJ control room? Darren maybe? LOL


Anyway...I kept the puzzle piece just in case. One thing I did can't tell beans from looking at the puzzle piece but you can imagine it would have made a pretty picture after all the pieces were put in place.

Life is like that... you miss a lot by judging life or people by a few "pieces" without seeing the completed picture after GOD is finished putting it all together.
Maybe you're looking at your life through a few pieces. Trust me, it will make alot more sense if you just let GOD do HIS thing. I've noticed HE does a great job at being GOD, you know what I mean?.


Don't want to leave you with a sad empty room... Charles is filling it up fast with beautiful, new studio broadcast furniture built by CORILAM. Charles and his dad built that beautiful bradcast setup we take to the Dixie Classic Fair each you've probably seen his work and didn't even know. In the next few days I'm going to show you pictures of one beautiful new studio!

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Stephanie said...

I can't wait to come home to see u and the'll have to put a special piece of purple ducktape on the desk so u will be reminded of me!!!