Wednesday, October 25, 2006


It was supposed to be a tour of the EMBASSY SUITES Downtown Winston-Salem (home of the WBFJ LOVE HANDLES Romantic Getaway) but in true staff style we got side-tracked....well, LOST. We were supposed to be heading for the Pool room first but N-o-o-o ... Deac "SKYWALKER" had to take the "skywalk". Thanks, Deac!!!

After touring the parking deck
and the roof
for an undisclosed
amout of time,
we finally
made our way
to the Pool room.

Bonnie kept
"but where
are the tables...
and the Cues?

Things went down hall from there... Tami wondering what Wally was looking at in the Fitness Room wasn't watching what she was doing and walked right into the wall.

Thankfully, Cindy our newest
family member
did the lady thing
(the men wouldn't do it)
and asked for directions...
and was able to get us
to "ground zero"
for a real tour.

This place is SUITES...
if you win the WBFJ
Love Handles
Romantic Getaway
you're going to love
this place!

You'll LOVE
the view...
ask for the room
overlooking Jerusalem.

Stay tuned... for Scene III
we may have to head to
Chapel Hill
"Tarheel Country"...
we'll see!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

yea, when is the "GWU Campus Tour" going to be, huh john? You gotta work on that one!!! I missssssssss uuuuuu!