Monday, October 02, 2006

Faired pretty well last night...

Picture#1 Oldest granddaughter Hannah smiling as usual. Susan and Kevin and the kids joined us for a big night at the fair.
Picture#2 Big night at the rodeo in the grandstand... bareback bull riding... I was impressed by what came out of the Modern Gate... some mean bulls and tough cowboys!
Picture#3 In the tradition of Ezekiel I always enjoy this vision of the wheel... I was intrigued by the UFO that popped into the picture. When I wasn't watching the bulls, I was watching the wheel... I nicknamed the UFO "The Wheelie".
Picture#4 OOPS! This is the picture of my granddaughter smiling (also Josh and Audrie)...sorry for the mix-up... sometimes Blogger uploads the pictures in reverse order. That first picture was an exotic animal in the petting zoo. I got it half right...that happy exotic animal in picture #1 was also smiling! Don't you just love to see happy exotic animals?

Blogger note: You'll never in a million years be able to guess what I did to get that exotic animal to smile like that...If I told you I'd have to erase your computer harddrive so don't ask... LOL.

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