Monday, October 30, 2006

To BOO or NOT to BOO... that is the question

Gave the grandkids
the camera to
pass around
and take a few pictures
while we
were out shopping.

Josh did a boo.

a boo.

For Audrie
it was definitely
an extreme
almost a

For grandma...
it was
your average
NO Boo
(but cool)


Things livened up as they always do when we wheeled into our favorite shopping strip...Big Lots, a thrift store, and a great dollar store all in the same area.

Small boo boo...
"you ran over my toe"...
"did not"...
"DID TOO"...
"it wasn't on purpose"...
"was too"....
"I'm gonna tell"...

(totally revived by shopping)
had a great idea...
"PAPA, let's buy this
for the nice lady
on your blog...
it matches her hat"

Great idea, Audrie...
that was sweet!

As you can tell we love our grandchildren...and I wanna tell you...they can shop!

1 comment:

JennB said...

LOL!!! about the pink pillow matching the nice lady's hat. I can't stop LOLing! From now on, anytime I feel the least bit down, I'm going to go to the Father and then to Papa John's Place!
Love ya!
PS-Those kids are growing up too fast!