Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day 4...a princess , a piggy, "BFJ- the-dj" and a Hey, Hey!

Mikaley is your American Royalty National Grand Supreme Queen or something like that. Honey, I hope they don't make you say all that at once...
No matter what, it was a real honor to have my picture made with a sweet little princess like you.
Swifty junior" was my other sweetie for the evening. She's not old enough to race yet (6 weeks old) but Zack...the "Swifty Swine Swimming and Racing Pigs" Swinemaster brought her over to rest in papa's arms for a few minutes. You might have heard her while I was interviewing Zack...she's got a pretty loud snort already! Click on her picture for a closeup!
Between 5 and 6 Tuesday evening it was the John and BFJ-the- DJ program...that's Brent F. Johnson our Dixie Classic Underwriter again this year. Frank's initials are really B-F-J and he really was a DJ before heading to Appalachian. I think Frank's still got what it takes, don't you? (Also great smile for a CREST commercial).

And then there was the "Hey HEY! WBFJ" shout-out from Madison, Elizabeth and Kelly. You girls really did a great job singing the WBFJ jingle! Best shout-out at the Dixie Classic Fair so f ar this year!

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