Friday, October 27, 2006

BIRTHDAY Awareness Month...tami's party

Like most birthday parties this one started with an invitation....posted in the break room at wbfj...up on the cabinet door where most everyone over 5 feet could see it...yeh, Verne saw it with no problem.

like most
wbfj gatherings...
everyone arrived...
everyone ordered...

a lot!

Wally then broke the ice with his litttle "Itsy Bitsy Spider" routine that has proved to be so popular at WBFJ parties...
That really got Tami going...out of the blue she started playfully pointing to the little restaurant order card saying "I am 17....I am 17...ha ha ha..."
and then reaching into her sleeve pulling out more of the little cards, Tami exclaimed "I can be ANY age I want to be... T-O-W-A-N-D-A !!!!
(as in "FRIED GREEN TOMATOES"...remember?)
Wally apparently with his bad ear toward Tami leaned over to Bonnie and asked "Who is Wanda? I tought her friend was Regina... and why is she yelling?"

Well, Bonnie flat lost it! She laughed so hard her blouse turned from green to pink...just amazing!

went on
for a few
more rounds
The biggest HOOT of the whole party came after Tami's husband Alton arrived. Helping Alton order, Tami trying to convince him she had left her teeth at home just pointed at the menu and mumbled. It was really even fooled Verne.
Don't think Alton bought it, though.

Happy Birthday Tami...a lot more happened but these were the things I remembered.



Stephanie said...

he he he he he....that one was a funny one john!

Tami said...

What's a Towanna???

I am going to start putting a paper bag over my head everytime John enters the room.

By the way...I still have all my teeth!!!!

John Hill said...

"TOWANDA" was the wild go-get-um phrase made popular by the movie "FRIED GREEN TOMATOES"... also "the secret is in the sauce"...I suggest the tv version of the movie.