Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Two, 4, 6, ate...who do we appreciate..."

Two of the "Jars" from Jars of Clay were able to sneak over for a visit before going on stage over at the Dixie Classic Grandstand. The guys told me they like to fish when they get a little break from their busy schedule. (MOSTLY bASS..SOMETIMES A LITTLE treble).

So the TWO JARS became one of FOUR INTERVIEWS I was able to bring you between 4 and 6.
Cindy Johnson was actually the first of the FOUR. Cindy is TOP NOTCH and a real blessing. Donna "Roseanne" always called her "Sweet Cindy Johnson". Did a grEAT job opening for Jars of Clay.

(Cindy, I'm sorry I sometimes mess-up and say Cindy Morgan...I know your's just I'm slipping a little..LOL.)

Meredith West was number four...Meredith is Hospitality Director at VICTORY JUNCTION CAMP and as you heard is real enthusiastic about her work and the fact that you are helping as you play RAM Fabrication PLINCO.

(Aunt Judy Holcomb-Pack from Crisis Control was actually second up but no one was around to grap a picture but the interview was great... and Crisis Control packed in the cans of food collected at the gate.)

"ATE" a JUICY, DELICIOUS pork chop sandwich from Conerstone Christian's booth...official WBFJ food sponsor at the fair. Can you tell I was loving it? LOL.

And we APPRECIATE you coming by to play PLINKO with us on your way to see Cindy Johnson and Jars of Clay...YOU ROCK!!! Not sure what that means but the WBFJ Crossroad guys said it was alright to say that occasionally if I really got excited.

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