Monday, October 16, 2006

Bosses' Day...Sorry Wally... I just couldn't resist...

Here's what happened. I was the last to sign Wally's "HAPPY BOSSES' DAY" Card and I noticed it was full of multi-paragraphed, small print, edged-in side ways, epositions of how great a boss Wally is... I mean, you would have thought this was Wally's Eulogy (or else setting up for a big raise). To be honest, I was getting ready to write a nice airy praise myself but it hit me... Wally's going to get the big I thought deeply about what I should say. After a few seconds which seemed like moments, I finally came up with this gem:

" wishes...john"

{Blogger note: Old picture from my Wally archives...we have thousands...LOL)

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