Sunday, October 15, 2006

NICE BIRDIES...we love our cars just the color they are...

Wednesday or Thursday afternoon when the weather was so nice I got a little carried away and commented "I'd love to be flying right now...especially if I were a bird." I think all the birds in the neighborhood heard me and came out to rally support (I hope it wasn't a protest, if you know what I mean) Friday evening at the station. There were birds everywhere!
I thought of you Brandi and Taylor my other bird friends in Mt. Airy...
I knew you'd love this story. The only thing is...these are wild birds and not necessarily a good example for you'd get in trouble with mama Paula if you started hanging out like this. I know life in the cage is a little confining at times but it's a mean world out there with the crowds...and you'd miss your mama's love and attention.

(Blogger afterthought: After I published this I clicked on the first picture with the Union Baptist Church in the background to get a a better at the birds, and lo and behold, it looks like the telephone pole merged with the steeple to act as a giant notice that too? I added this third picture which looks like the opposite telephone pole gives the same effect...ok..."so what", you say..LOL)

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