Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"One Monkey Don't Stop No Show"...

Fred Patterson and I were Co-hosting Day 5 when his 12 year old hung a monkey around his neck...really kinda fit the mood we were in. We were already full of peanuts...hats off to Fred for sweeping up the shells. Fred will be doing Christian Karoake again Saturday night at 7 in the WBFJ Gazebo...join us if you can.
Remember Karen Lee? She was doing the afternoons at WBFJ pre FM days back in the 80's. She, Kim and the family dropped by the Gazebo and spent a little time. I remember when each of the 6 kids were born and have watched them all grow up.The girls have put each other through an extreme make-over since the last time I saw, purple hair and all (LOL). Daddy Kim said he is now being paid back for HIS rebellious days! LOL. Just for the record, Sheila next to me, their cousin, then Shannon Elizabeth, and Sarah on the end.

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